Consultancy and curatorship

Imaginario provides specialized guidance to collectors and art-loving clients in the process of purchasing art pieces, offering comprehensive assistance in all aspects related to owning an art work.

“One of the main keys to acquiring art is personal taste, as the choice of the artwork should be a pleasurable and gratifying experience.”

There are different aspects to consider when acquiring a work of art: authenticity, quality, artist’s trajectory, technique, preservation, market, and valuation. However, beyond these elements, we recommend establishing an intimate connection with the artwork that allows for experiencing art in a sensitive and everyday manner.

The Gallery offers the following services to those interested in acquiring artworks:

What are artists’ consultancy services?

They are brief and concrete processes, consisting of three individual one-hour interviews that allow the artist to present their specific issues and receive advice on how to proceed or what the most appropriate strategy is.

If you’re a visual artist but don’t know how to circulate your artwork, determine its price, or make yourself known, at Imaginario, we can assist you.

“I always knew how to optimize the virtues of artists.”

Laura Garimberti

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