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Vuelo libre
Instalación de Rosa Rodriguez – Site especific, Galerias Larreta.
Pinta BA Photo 2023 · 19º edition
La Rural, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Artists: Gloria Matarazzo, Andrés Wrtheim, Diego Moreno, Eugenio Mazzinghi, Maitemazz, Martín Bordenave.
Green Carpet
Collective of 9 artists at the inauguration of Paraguay Street.
Libertador Blendlatino 2 Project
Libertador Blendlatino Project
Preciados elementos. Artistis: PippoKatz, Pipo, Villaverde, Jones and Cappadoro.
Convergence: 40 years of art in coexistence
Artists: Marino Santa María, Diego Moreno, Nora Iniesta, Silvio Fischben, MET, Rosa Rodríguez, Noe Bono, Alicia Benítez, Pepo Rojas, Fernanda Piamonti and PippoKatz.
Bruno Rodríguez Maraude Exhibition
Curators: Laura Garimberti and Ana Palacio. PROA Building, Vicente López, Buenos Aires. From January 8 to April 15 2023 .
Painting Hope: Art in Motion
“In a world that seems to be closing in more and more due to the Covid crisis, Pinto Esperanza is a message of encouragement with a focus on collective construction.” Artists: Carolina Coronado, Leo Damonte, Juan Villagran, Juilan Cervini, Ana Clara Zlogar , Andrea Guerella, Solange Agterberg, Andy Ammassari.
Opening of the Imaginario Art Gallery with an Individual Exhibition by Silvio Fischbein
From February 16 to March 18 2023. Imaginario Art Gallery. Paraguay 423 · CABA
Solidarity hat tea
Maitemazz, Ana Zorraquín, Ángeles Pereda, Martín Bordenave, Gloria Matarazzo, Víctor Beckelmann. Curator: Laura Galimberti
Andy Ammasari individual exhibition
Laura Garimberti curator. From January 13 to february 13 · Pandemic. Hilton Hotel Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero.
Love your breast
A photographic exhibition that brought visibility to breast cancer. Ordinary women displaying their bodies to break taboos, showing the part of their bodies transformed by visual artists. Photographer: Andrea Guedella. Curator: Laura Garimberti.
Anselmo Opening March 2021
Exhibit: Andrea Cavagnaro, Eugenia Torre, Aida Pippo, Rosa Rodriguez, Maitemazz and Mónica Tiezzi.
Pinta 2020
Art on Paper 2018
Imaginario stand at Art on paper 2018 New York
Feria de arte contemporáneo FACA 2018
Skin cancer awareness day