Mónika Golla & Silvia Ventura · Printed art

What is your word? I’ll tell you mine…


Imaginario Galería de Arte Paraguay 432 CABA
Verbal communication is a complex weave that connects people like warp and woof. Words become the architects of our understanding of the world. They build up bridges and invisible nets that bring our lives together becoming communication, reflection and transformation instruments.

But, what happens when the word filters through the artist´s practice? And what happens when a work of art approaches language from a visual dimension?

Artists weave their own yarn. They merge the semantic content into aesthetics going beyond linguistic barriers.

The work of art evolves into a visual narrative that reveals hidden stories. Words turned into art trigger thoughts and unleash new ideas. They are modeled and reinterpreted as gestural testimonies creating harmonies that resound in the mind of the observer.

The richness and complexity of words are the converging point that reminds us that communication is a way of art in constant evolution. (Tiziana Manero)

Monika Golla, presenting her series “Lost & Found”
Silvia Ventura, presenting her series “Librotecas”
Curatorial text Tiziana Manero

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