Individual exhibition by Lelo Freixas · Curator Laura Varangot

Threading: The Marvelous Universe of Lelo Freixas


Imaginario Art Gallery · Paraguay 432 · CABA
Individual, National

Weaving senses with his brush Lelo creates a colorful and captivating world.

With a unique combination of abstraction and figuration, his works captivate with their intense color and exuberance of motifs. Plant structures, flowers and leaves merge with representative, free and abstract forms, creating an endless number of hypnotic shapes that give life to his paintings. They are restless forms, which swap from one side of the work to the other.
The artist does not limit herself to deconstructing and threading the elements through wires, strokes, inks and brushstrokes, but she reintegrates what was previously separated, destroyed or disarticulated, creating a new harmony and dialogue in her art.
The works of Lelo Freixas surprise us in the silence of contemplation of his Enhebro, leading us to reflect on the depth of his art and the beauty that emanates from the fusion between nature and human creativity. Thus threading a new terrain full of meaning.

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