15 images of 15 women who bared their chests for 15 visual artists to use "body painting" to transform their breasts into works of art.

Standing up for breast cancer awareness


Hilton Hotel,Buenos Aires, Argentina
Collective, Iconic, National
A photographic exhibition that brought visibility to breast cancer. Ordinary women displaying their bodies to break taboos, showing the part of their bodies transformed by visual artists. Photographer: Andrea Guedella. Curator: Laura Garimberti.

Women resonate in hearts, traffic emotions, channel aspirations, and possess an admirable ability to distill life’s infinite complexity into simple messages.Thus, as a result of photographer Andrea Guedella’s initiative, “Baring the Chest” was born – a portrait exhibition aimed at raising awareness for breast cancer prevention.

15 images of 15 women who bared their chests for 15 visual artists to use “body painting” to transform their breasts into works of art. 

This action, involving working on the bodies of different women, formed the group we call “ALL.” 

A group where, regardless of age, color, activity, or profession, they are recognized as real and contemporary women. 

The art works that make up this exhibition allow us to speak of subtlety as a powerful creative force of the feminine essence. 

The sweet is intelligent, the docile possesses determination, the weak has great power, the strong has poetry. 

All of this is reflected in the group “ALL”: women who reconsider themselves daily, from their interests and ideas, and who can look at themselves, recognize their power, and convey a message. 

Accompanying this exhibition there are testimonial videos from each participant explaining why they decided to bare their chests for this action.

Nobility, courage, intelligence, and inexhaustible imagination came together. Art in the message, to prevent, educate, and learn to heal what we sometimes cannot always cure.”

Laura Garimberti, Curator

06/03/2024 –
What is your word? I’ll tell you mine…
Mónika Golla & Silvia Ventura · Printed art
08/02/2024 –
Rhizomes. revealed word
Cristina Duro · Printed art
08/01/2024 –
Individual, International
Vitaly Kovtun
Paintings + virtual reality
30/11/2023 –
Individual, National
Paintings by Maria Spinatto