Resignified Fragments


Imaginario Art Gallery · Paraguay 423 · CABA
Imaginario Art Gallery reopened its doors with the exhibition “RESIGNIFIED fragments”, by Silvio Fischbein. From February 16th to March 18th, 2023.

The exhibition brought together a series of large-scale polyptychs created between 2022 and 2023. However, as the curator notes in the gallery text, these recently produced art works not only reflect the artist’s current exploration but also bear “the marks and signs from the rich and extensive trajectory of the artist”.

In this manner, one can identify cuttings from newspapers and magazines; maps, cardboard, fragments of wood, weave and fabric (telas y tejidos) as well as beads from necklaces, plastic figurines, and an array of everyday objects that Fischbein gathered and selected from various parts of the world.

The curator suggests that Fischbein’s work is profoundly autobiographical and functions as an affirmation of the artist’s own nomadic condition. This nomadism isn’t necessarily a physical journey but rather a mental attitude.

The artist himself explains: “In my work, I attempt to traverse a space that escapes rules, axioms, and pre-existing representations. I don’t aim to resolve anything; I merely express the doubts I have. I believe that art offers us the opportunity to question ourselves, to shift our perspectives”. 

06/06/2024 –
Individual, National
The owners of the mountain. Conceptual dimension of indigenous art within contemporary art
Curator and artist: Joaquín Ponzinibbio. Wichi Art: Familia Mendoza. Photographs: Rubén Romano. Arte Chané, Mocoví y Qom.
10/05/2024 –
Collective, National
Chromaticus Color Party
Julián Escardó, Gerardo Feldstein, Silvio Fischbein, MET, Aída Pippo, Rosa Rodríguez, Bruno Rodríguez Maraude and Alejandra Repetto.
04/04/2024 –
Individual, National
Together we are trama
Viviana Rodríguez · Paper fabrics
06/03/2024 –
What is your word? I’ll tell you mine…
Mónika Golla & Silvia Ventura · Printed art