Exhibition of Argentine artist Silvio Fischbein in San Pablo

“Resignified Fragments”


California 706, Brooklin-SP - Brasil
Individual, International
Within the “Network Galleries” project, Alê Espaço de Arte, São Paulo, Brazil and Imaginario Galeria de Arte, held an individual exhibition of the Argentine artist Silvio Fischbein.

About “Fragmentos Resignificados”:

“My artistic practice is nomadic, it transits different visual languages: textile, ceramics, audiovisual, installation, video-art, object, graphic, among others. However, the themes that run through my work do remain stable over the years: the search for justice and equality in differences. A equality that enables a peaceful and non-hegemonic coexistence between cultures and religions.”

Silvio Fischbein

06/06/2024 –
Individual, National
The owners of the mountain. Conceptual dimension of indigenous art within contemporary art
Curator and artist: Joaquín Ponzinibbio. Wichi Art: Familia Mendoza. Photographs: Rubén Romano. Arte Chané, Mocoví y Qom.
10/05/2024 –
Collective, National
Chromaticus Color Party
Julián Escardó, Gerardo Feldstein, Silvio Fischbein, MET, Aída Pippo, Rosa Rodríguez, Bruno Rodríguez Maraude and Alejandra Repetto.
04/04/2024 –
Individual, National
Together we are trama
Viviana Rodríguez · Paper fabrics
06/03/2024 –
What is your word? I’ll tell you mine…
Mónika Golla & Silvia Ventura · Printed art