Alexandra Ungern - Andy Mermet - Aparecida A. Sanchez Cecilia Petasne - Cristina Duro - Cristina Minacori Gabriel Lazo - Gladis Auditore - Maitemazz Marcela Hoffer - Mariana Berardi - Mariana Grau Milena Bianconi - Muma Zubiaurre - Nora Seilicovich Paula Pons - Roby Bernath - Rosa Rodriguez Roxana Herz - Silvia Battistuzzi - Susana Goienetxe Violaine Fayolle - Miriam Locascio - Noe Bono Monica Fuksman - Vivi Rodriguez - Eduardo Chiachio Silvio Fischbein - Carlos Ara Monti - Juan Pitta Kuang Ching Chen - Ana Maldonado - Bruno R. Meraude

Paper Kingdom

Imaginario Art Gallery Paraguay 423 CABA

⁣World-traveled Latin American artists, some of whom settled in other countries. This exhibition shows the essence of the Latin Blend.

They are artists dialoguing from the soul with their surroundings; they feel, vibrate, dream differently in each place. Latin America unites them and their work shows the communion with the place they inhabit. They were generated with paper as  support, focused from a very human place.

The works were selected under the circumstances that the artists hold, and it is excellence, artworks with an impeccable technique, a clear conceptualization and an indisputable compromise.

The axis of the PAPER KINGDOM exhibition is laid in diversity, it is not a homogeneous exhibition or maybe the homogeneity we show is precisely the variety of proposals with paper as  support.

06/03/2024 –
What is your word? I’ll tell you mine…
Mónika Golla & Silvia Ventura · Printed art
08/02/2024 –
Rhizomes. revealed word
Cristina Duro · Printed art
08/01/2024 –
Individual, International
Vitaly Kovtun
Paintings + virtual reality
30/11/2023 –
Individual, National
Paintings by Maria Spinatto