Silvio Fischbein

Multitude of languages.
“One of the procedures that contemporary art has utilized as both a compositional and semantic argument is accumulation”.

His work is deeply autobiographical and functions as a confirmation by the artist of his nomadic condition. A nomadism that doesn’t necessarily imply physical movement but rather a mental attitude. And he explains it like this: “There are two material elements that reinforce the idea by appealing to a certain environmental ambiguity: using maps and newspapers as visual references places the works of this artist in a sort of epojé, a suspended time that combines reflection with poetry.”

In Fischbein’s work, an attempt is made to navigate a space that escapes previous rules, axioms, and representations. It doesn’t aim to resolve anything, only to express the doubts the artist has. “I believe that art gives us the opportunity to question ourselves, to shift our perspectives,” says Silvio Fischbein.