Rosa Rodríguez

Paper as support, freedom as an emblem
“In recent years I have fully introduced myself in the Free Flight Project”

As a synonym of transformation and freedom, the butterfly weaves an invisible web with its flight that invites us to reflect. Its free, erratic yet precise flight, pleases us, seduces us, and brings us together.
Its metamorphosis demonstrates that it is possible to transform critical situations into places of strength, with a new color or shade, allowing us, just like her, to flow freely with nature.

This project includes Site-Specific Installations, Video Installations, Intervened Objects, and Artist Books, as well as a fundamental part which are Urban Interventions. The latter is an incredibly enriching activity as it allows interaction with the public and involves bringing art to the streets.


A Visual Arts Professor and Drawing Teacher, graduated from the Municipal School of Visual Arts in Lomas de Zamora. Between 2011 and 2018, she participated in exhibitions as part of the Museums’ Night, exhibiting artworks with different techniques.

In recent years, she has been working on her artistic project “Free Flight”’, approached through objects, installations, photography, and urban interventions. Installations Encounter (Umbral Artspace, 2013/2014), Wild Kingdom (Center for Contemporary Art La Casona de los Olivera, 2016), Paper Work (Carlos Thays House Botanical Garden, 2016), Bugs in the Museum – Art + Science (Popular Art Museum José Hernández, 2018), and EnarbolARTE ( Nordelta Foundation, 2019).

Through Imaginario Art Gallery, she presented her project at various international fairs: Art on Paper, Manhattan (New York, 2017/2018), Lima Photo (Peru, 2017), BazArte 2019 (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Shared Stroll ( Pistilli Gallery, Asunción, Paraguay, 2019), and ART Marbella (Spain, 2019).”