Noe Bono

Recovering, recycling and working with non-traditional materials challenges me to see beyond the objects
“I have been creating sculpture for many years, and my figures have always been thin and elongated. Each day they become longer and thinner… I doubt they have a limit!”.

Noe Bono says: “I care about what the figure environment tells. I feel that each figure narrates a story, often triggered by stumbling upon a casual element. Recovering, recycling, and working with non-traditional materials challenge me to see beyond objects. Over time, I’ve varied my materials, from the classical ones like wax, bronze, resins, etc., until now, where fabrics and papers, which remind me of my childhood, take center stage. Craftsmanship is important to me; I’m meticulous in technique and finish. I research, experiment, and discover while I work. This compels me to give each artwork the time and care it needs. I love details: screws, dangling threads, wires of different metals, those little things that are seen at a second glance. I play with drawing, etching, and photography, but I’m truly happy when unfolding volume in space.”

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina en 1958, her education includes: National School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano, teaching degree in drawing. National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, teaching degree, specialization in sculpture. Superior School of Fine Arts Ernesto de La Cárcova, higher teaching degree in sculpture, incomplete. National University of the Arts, Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, specialization in sculpture. Avellaneda Film Institute, film animation. Courses at various workshops, both in sculpture, drawing, and cinematography.

In her professional career, Bono has worked as an Art Director and producer in advertising cinema, completing over 200 commercials. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism, teaching Graphic Design and Image and Sound Design; Principal at Tea Imagen, Comprehensive School of TV Producers and Audiovisual Services. As an artist, she has been part of numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1982, winning awards in private and public exhibitions, although her strongest period of work has been the last 13 years. Her works are exhibited in different museums and private collections in Italy, Japan, Peru, Spain, and our country. Currently, in addition to her independent work as an artist, she is part of a project with an Argentine artist living in Barcelona, forming the 10459 Project.”