Mariana Zubiaurre

Creation is a state of openness, uncertainty, a drive that leads me to constant experimentation.
Mariana Zubiaurre
“In each artwork coexists order, minutiae, details, craft, prepared fabrics, many coats of paint, like honoring the privilege of inhabiting those powerful spaces”.


(Buenos Aires, Argentina 1967) She lives and works in the capital city of Buenos Aires as a primary school teacher. Ever since she was very young she has received the knowledge that allowed her to open her creative talents from her father, a drawer, and her mother, an artisan. She attended art schools and workshops. She pursued her formal studies in the drawing workshops of Roberto Cáceres Bud, Gabino Tapia and Andrés Cudich, and painting in the workshops of Marcelo Maira and Héctor Médici. She attended the Seminar on Contemporary Art of Lara Marmor and “The text in the work of art” delivered by Silvia Gurfein. As an artist she does works in mixed techniques and acrylic on different supports. She exhibited her work as a solo artist and collectively in Argentina and other countries such as China, Spain, Chile, Uruguay ,Mexico and USA. She has been developing plastic activities as a teacher in her own workshop since 1995 and at present she is fully involved in the artistic life. Her works are owned by private collectors in Buenos Aires, the interior of the country and abroad.