Jorge Llacay

I walk slowly, like someone who comes from so far that he does not expect to arrive. (J.L.BORGES)
My work is coming from the restless journey of squinting for years, plus the new notion of calming down with a still gaze in order to understand.

Photographs are, in this sense, a future of other pasts that allow the observer to find what is forgotten or blurred in their sensations. The emptiness, absence and stillness inhabit as helplessness and are the expressions of that loss that is portrayed in each image.
The photos are born helpless, until they are completed with the memory that appears in each observer and waiting for a new oblivion to release them in their next future. Thus they play with time so that it produces in us the doubt that its false accuracy deserves.
The photographs are those translations, they are “writings of light that attack the shadow more prodigious than meteors”*

He studied architecture at UBA, graduating in 1988, and graphic design for 2 years.
Analog photography/laboratory at the Recoleta Cultural Center in 1983.
Photography and zone system at the Diego Ortiz Mugica school between 2016 and 2018.
Contemporary art workshop with Fabiana Barreda in 2020.
Contemporary Photography Workshop with Ana Sánchez Zinny, 2023

He exhibited his work at:
Wine & Art, Group exhibition. Cariló, 2020
FOLA, Latin American Photo Library. Collective exhibition, Buenos Aires, 2021
The Company shows its PRESENCE collection. Buenos Aires 2022
SKIN, group exhibition, Buenos Aires 2022
PINAMAR FOTO, exhibited his work You Zoom, Pinamar 2023
AYRES DE ARTE, group exhibition, Pilar 2023
ALH, group exhibition La Herencia, Pilar 2023
GalleryLabs, collective exhibition Habitar las Formas, Buenos Aires 2023