Gloria Matarazzo

From my dreams
“From my dreams is a collection created between 2019 and 2020. It could also be called: My most intimate self.”

About the work:

The series includes photos taken inside my studio, photographs from my personal archive, as well as images found on the web. I found all this material very useful as it allows me to work with complete freedom and create a new image according to the different dreams and thoughts that encompass relationships, affections, the relationship with space, imagination, intimacy; the small, the simple, and the complex, as well as certainty and uncertainty, the intangible and the ephemeral.

A Continuous Journey:

When I was a child, my father always told the story of how his mother used to take him and his siblings to the port of Buenos Aires to breathe in the air that came from the old world. This image of my grandmother with her small children beside her was always very powerful for me because of all that it implied. Over the years, I’ve come to understand what it means for anyone who must leave their place of origin and go in search of other worlds, other destinies. Descending from Italians and French, I now revisit that story they wove, traveling back and forth across the ocean.


Argentinian visual artist trained under renowned artists like Raquel Forner, Kenneth Kemble, and Emilio Renart. She has studied Art Theory with Professor Jorge López Anaya and Philosophy and Aesthetics of Modern Art with Elena Oliveras, Doctor in Aesthetics from the University of Paris. She participated in the Photography Workshop Seminar with photographer and interpreter Fabiana Barreda. She was part of the GEN Group of research and creative experimentation led by artist and professor Emilio Renart.

Throughout her extensive career as an artist, she has developed her work within the visual arts in various formats and languages, including paintings, objects, installations, artist books, and photographs. She has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in renowned galleries in Argentina, presenting paintings and objects, as well as in the United States and China.

Her works have been exhibited in international fairs such as Lima Photo, Tokyo Art Fair International, Affordable Art Fair Milan, Art Marbella, Texas Contemporary, Art on Paper New York, Affordable Art Fair Mexico, Toronto Art Fair, Art Palm Beach, Mia Miami, Chaco Chile, and International Fair of Books and Fine Art Photography in Uruguay.

Prominent Argentine critics like Laura Feinsilber, Fermin Fevre, Jorge Glusberg, Lucas Fragasso, and Elena Oliveras have written about her work. She has won numerous national awards and recognitions throughout her career. The artist’s paintings and photographs are part of important private art collections in the United States, Canada, Peru, Chile, Japan, Italy, and Argentina.