Gladis Auditore

The constructive in a kind manner.
“I’m passionate about colors. The texture generated by several coats of paint is an image that describes me. I’m fond of geometry, lines, the constructive, but in a kind manner”.

I have matured a change of career path -I am an accountant- along many years of art workshops. Painting shifted from a pastime to a full-time occupation.
When I am involved in an interesting topic, I create a series of works that metamorphose into another theme…a game that both amuses and keeps me awake.
Self-taught. I am now teaching at my art studio in the Almagro neighborhood.In 1987 I started attending workshops of painting, tin, and different glass techniques. Painting was self-taught initially. Later, I attended workshops in which I reinforced drawing and classical techniques.
As time went by I achieved my own style in which color and texture predominate.
Since 2005 I have exhibited my work in collective and solo exhibitions at public and private institutions.
As of 2010 I have participated in art salons and been awarded mentions and prizes.