Diego Moreno

Redirecting the photographic act into an increasingly pictorial landscape.
“In my work, I use light, camera and the technical resources of photography in order to create abstractions of the visual work, redirecting the photographic act towards a more pictorial one”.


Diego Moreno is a visual artist and writer born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1975.
He is a historian from the National University of Colombia and Magister in philosophy and History candidate, with a specialization in visual arts and aesthetic arts from the same University.
Dedicated to artistic photography for over 15 years, he has his studio-gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and France. He works on cotton paper, canvas and different Fine Arts materials, acid-free and premium quality.
His current minimalist work “SouthAmerica: Vestiges of a Living World” is being displayed in galleries and international meetings of photography and contemporary art.