Charo Zapater

From a stroke.
“The emergence of an image seems to depend on the very life of the gesture. This stroke, not descriptive but evocative, compels us to gaze into our soul, inviting us to listen to our inner silence, thus enabling us to be carried away by intuition”.

About my work:

Each image contains infinite images within, perceived through the feeling of each moment; endless paths to follow a story formed by emotions, memories, and shapes.

Feeling is understanding the message of nature. We are part of everything, water, earth, air, fire. Living in harmony with nature as a part of ourselves opens us to all the goodness of universal energies, connecting us to our origin.


Charo Zapater Pomar, of Peruvian nationality, pursued studies in Art with a specialization in Painting at Burton Manor College, Chester, England. She studied Engraving at the School of Fine Arts San Jordi, Barcelona, Spain, and in 1976, she earned an Honors Degree at the School of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy. In 2003, she conducted research on ancestral techniques in Cameroon, Africa. In 2004 and 2005, she collaborated with AXIS Arte, an interdisciplinary research group in art and design at the Faculty of Art – Catholic University of Peru.
2006 – 2008 She completed a specialization in Visual Arts and Multimedia Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
In 2016, she collaborated with South African artist William Kendridge on his project Triumph and Laments, held on Lungotevere in Rome, Italy. In 2018, she participated in PARC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lima, Peru. She currently lives and works between Florence and Lima.

She has numerous collective and individual exhibitions both in Europe and America.