Alicia Antich

The foundational element is glass.
“I am an artist and researcher. Both practices collaborate in the reflection for the conception and execution of my current work”.

Writing appears, whether forming The Tunic with names of female writers (since Enheduanna – Sumer, Ca. 2300 BC) to characters that are part of literature, in The Little Houses. In all of them, the foundational element is crystal.

The Little Houses harbor elements and characters from literature and popular culture, and – in a voyeuristic manner – one can observe within them a dialogue between the public and the private, between the inside and the outside. The symbolic elements that compose them offer poetry, although irony also emerges.

The Tunic, the initial garment, the most democratic, is a poetic-documentary record of writers based on verses found in Sumer. It protects the body, preserving words in a cartography of female writers, invoking their names screen-printed on glass in an infinite polyphonic conversation.