About Imaginario

Contemporary Latin American Art

Laura Garimberti founded Imaginario in 2001, influenced by her mother, Estela Bartoli, a talented visual artist who during the 1970s and 1980s coordinated the Pérez Celis workshop, where young Laura used to spend her days observing and learning.

Imaginario is located in an area closely connected to art, nearby the Di Tella Institute, the unprecedented artistic experience that marked the cultural life of Buenos Aires during the 1960s, as well as Florida Garden Café and Bárbaro Bar, places where visual artists still gather every Saturday.

Finally I‘ve found a place to return”.

Laura Garimberti

It occupies the ground floor of an Art Deco building, designed by Valentín Brodsky in 1923, a few meters away from the renowned Menéndez bookstore. In that same building, Luis Benedict and Juan Carlos Vidal had their workshops.

Imaginario made its official debut at the now-extinct Expotrastiendas fair with an individual show by Carlos Monzani, presented by the journalist and visual artist Stella Sidi.

Initially working as an art dealer and later as a marchand and artists’ agent for other galleries, in 2010, Laura opens her first physical space within the iconic Santa Fe commercial gallery, known for its murals and frescoes by Torres Agüero, Raúl Soldi, Juan Batlle Planas, Luis Seoane, and Gertrudis Chale.

Santa Fe´s commercial gallery closed in 2015, and Laura opened her second space in the San Telmo neighborhood, in the Ezeiza house located in Paseo de la Defensa; and there she remained until 2019.

Through the pandemic, Laura continued working online, holding exhibitions in alternative venues and participating in art fairs around the world, as she had been doing since the beginning, in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, the United States, Spain, and Italy, considering Argentine art in an international context.

In 2020, along with Ana Palacio, she created Blendlatino, a platform for promoting Latin American art, aimed at fostering exchange between artists from different continents.

And at the beginning of 2023, in partnership with visual artist Rosa Rodríguez, she reopened Imaginario Art Gallery in the city center of Buenos Aires.